Increased demand & flat supply driving growth

  • the occupancy of hotels increased by 2.4%
  • the average cost of a hotel room increased by 3.1%
  • the average profitability of a hotel room increased by 5.6%

The demand for hotel services increases by 3.2%, with insufficient supply growth + 0.8%, which leads to an increase in the cost of rooms and the profitability of hotels.

Capsule beds The Space Hotels is a quality European product at an affordable price

Today in Germany, capsule beds are pretty new and rare furnishings. One can purchase them from Far East suppliers like Japan or China. Moreover, the supplier’s remoteness leads to a lack of quality warranty and after-warranty services.

The Space Hotels is a Germany based company engaged in the production and maintenance of capsule beds as well as equipping and launching capsule hotels. Assembly and installation of the capsules are carried out by our skillful and trained engineers with the use of component parts manufactured by our suppliers in China.

We offer a full range of services from hotel interior design to capsule installation on your property as well as warranty service.

The Space Hotels is an attractive opportunity to get the maximum revenue from investments

Opening a “Space Hotels” capsule hotel may interest hoteliers who want to start their business from scratch or are considering options for upgrading what they already own. Capsule hotels can also be useful for real estate developers who desire to increase their revenue from properties and investors who are looking for a unique and modern start-up.

We offer three types of capsule hotel chains, united under one brand – The Space Hotels:

Space Hotels

The concept is to offer affordable accommodations in the center of a city. A futuristic concept: sleeping in high-tech capsules fully linked to your mobile phone. The mobile phone works as a remote for the light and entertainment systems. Equipped with a bathroom and a common area, the Space Hotel is the perfect place for business people looking for an accommodation.

Open Space

A concept for people searching for accommodations for a period of around one month or longer. The customer, in this case, is not the usual hotel guest who stays for a short period of time. Twenty capsules placed in a room of about 200 sqm to get the most out of the available space.

This concept allows for cheap accommodations in a quiet environment.

Open Outdoors
A chain of inexpensive motels. Twenty-foot and forty-foot sea cargo containers with built-in capsule beds as well as bathrooms and toilets. This option is very convenient for resting truckers or car travelers. The outdoor cases could be placed at large gas stations or parking lots outside the city.